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Is Canada Going To Build A Wall Too?

Canada Wall
Even Canada is rejecting open borders... it's about time!

Canada is having a major problem controlling it’s southern border from a slew of migrants crossing into the country illegally.

Fox News published an article suggesting that as many as 400 illegal immigrants are crossing each day. The border is a staggering 5,525 long and the problem with the open boarder is causing some political problems.

With America’s crack down on immigration, Canada is seeing thousands flee the US to go to America.

Some in Canada are considering even putting up a fence in some areas to curb the flow of migrants north.

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, criticized President Trump for how America dealt with refugees. Remember this?

Now things are a little different. Canada is having their own immigration problems and even some politicians in Canada are saying they are running out of room.

With elections coming up in Canada, the immigration is going to be a big issue and many are demanding solutions. Trudeau looked like a hero to liberals when Trump was dealing with an immigration problem, but now he’s the one that has welcomed immigrants and we’ll find out if the people of Canada agree on election day.

Do you think Canada will build a fence or wall on parts of its southern border? Let us know in the comments below.


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