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Iran Vows Attack On Israel After “Iran Deal” Abandoned

Ballistic Missile
Special delivery from Iran...

US military officials are becoming increasingly concerned that Iran is about to launch an attack on Israel.

The available intelligence is not incredibly clear on when an attack could come, or what form it might take, however. In fact, if the Iranians do strike against Israel, it may not be immediately clear that they’re behind it. (Iran famously has many proxies who can carry out attacks on its enemies, including Hezbollah, which just won a major election victory in Lebanon.)

The US, and Israel, are keeping their eyes peeled for Iranian violence. An attack could come from within Syria or Lebanon, or even from Iran itself.

That said, a direct attack doesn’t match Iran’s established pattern of behavior. They tend to hide behind their intermediaries, and any attack from within Iran would be a serious step up in the regional conflict.

The Western coalition forces fighting ISIS in Syria claim they haven’t seen a change in the movements of Iran-backed Syrian forces. But the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) seem to be on high-alert. IDF reserves are being called up, and the IDF says there’s been an “identification of irregular activity of Iranian forces in Syria.”

In other words, the top-brass in Tel Aviv think the shit’s about to hit the fan.

One IDF mouthpiece said the activation of Israeli reserve troops was a “specific call-up based on need.”

Another spokesman said that it was “non-combat” reserves being called up. That could mean intelligence or medical personnel are being activated in anticipation of an underhanded strike by Iranian spec-ops teams.

What’s even more interesting in that the Israeli army has opened up civilian shelters in the Golan Heights, a famously battled-over area in the northern part of Israel. (The IDF took it from the Syrians in ’81 and every Muslim on earth has been pissed about it ever since.)

The Israelis are on high-alert in the Golan Heights too. They’ve sent troops to reinforce their positions there and they’ve deployed weapons systems to the area for its defense.

An IDF statement yesterday warned the world that “any aggression against Israel will be met with a severe response” and that “the Israeli public should remain attentive to IDF instructions that will be given if necessary.”

Although the leftoid media would have you believe that this potential attack by the barbaric Iranians is a result of Trump’s threats (now promises!) to pull out of the Iran Deal, the issue is obviously not that simple.

Iran has been covertly shipping missiles into Syria for a while, according to our intelligence sources. And Iranian-allied militant compounds within Syria have been bombed in recent days. Those bombings have been attributed to the Israelis. (The IDF probably did do it too; Israel has a tendency to shoot first and ask questions later.)

And Iran has been backing the Syrian government since the start of that country’s bloody civil war. It’s very possible that they’re now massing their forces within Syria to try and take back the Golan Heights and win a propaganda victory for Shiite Muslims everywhere.

Such a win by the Iran-Syria confederation would prop up the legitimacy of Iran’s imperial ambitions for the Middle East. And it would put a thumb in the eye of the US and its allies. (And of course, it is at least possible that the petulant Iranians may be about to carry out this attack to punish the pro-Israel Trump administration for pulling out of the disastrous Iran Deal.)

But it’s a mistake to assume that the Iran Deal situation is the real cause of this tense military situation. Any attack, if it does come, will be just one in a long line of Iranian efforts to reduce the power of the Israelis.

These attacks are not made because of the Iran Deal. They are made because the Persians hate the Jewish people, and will until the end of time. And the Iranians make these attacks because it is the Israelis, along with their shadow-allies the Saudis, who form the main body of resistance to Iranian domination of the Muslim world.

Don’t let the lefties fool you. Trump has very little to do with it.


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