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Illegal immigrants flee US over Coronavirus

illegal immigrants flee

One unexpected impact of Coronavirus? Illegal immigrants are now fleeing the hard-hit United States.

According to a report by USA Today, a number of illegal immigrants detained by ICE are throwing in the towel on their efforts to remain in the United States… because they’re scared of catching Coronavirus.

USA Today writes:

“Ricky Williamson, 31, a detainee at Mesa Verde, said he told a judge in immigration court last week that he was dropping his case to remain in the U.S. because he would rather be deported to his native United Kingdom then wait for the virus to start circulating through the detention center. While the U.K. is going through its own coronavirus outbreak, he said he would prefer the freedom to wear gloves and a mask than stay inside an ICE facility.”

Williamson isn’t alone:

“Martin Alvarez Garcia, 28, made a similar decision last week. He has had a cough and sore throat for more than two weeks, he said, but doctors at the facility have denied his request for a COVID-19 test because he doesn’t have a fever. So last week, he waived his right to appeal his deportation order. [Emphasis added]

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“‘I would honestly rather sign and go back to my country then risk myself getting infected,” he said. ‘I don’t feel safe anywhere in Mexico, but I have no choice.’”

Democrats, conversely, are working hard to make sure illegal immigrants have a reason to stay in the United States.

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus has asked for ICE to release 40,000 detainees, including violent criminals.

Likewise, top Democratic leaders in liberal states and cities have announced special local programs to give cash to illegal immigrants, after they were not included in a federal bailout.


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