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House GOP To Offer School Safety Bill

GOP Leaders
At least they are better than Democrats... most of the time... when they aren't acting cowardly...

The GOP leaders are working to develop legislation to enhance school safety in the aftermath of a deadly shooting that took place at Florida High School, killing 17 people. The proposed reforms are expected to be released soon.

Representative Steve Stivers, said it would be an extension to currently proposed legislation. He said that “We’re gonna do a lot on school safety.”

Stivers told the Hill on Monday that, “We’re gonna fix it, add to it, take some things away from it, and move it.”

“You may see something introduced this week, but obviously you won’t see it passed this week,” he added, referring to the shortened workweek in the House. “But pretty quickly. You’ll see it soon.”

President Donald Trump has also been strident in calling for additional gun control measures and has called on the gun purchase age to be tightened, and stronger controls on the mentally unstable.

According to Stivers, the efforts of White House will aim towards strengthening safety in schools, which can also include measures to add armed security or training school staff with a firearm.

“We’re gonna do a lot on school safety,” Stivers said. “Part of that’s gun stuff, but part of that’s school safety stuff.” He said that overall school safety will be improved due to gun-related measures.

“I believe we need more idiot control, not more gun control,” said John Kennedy, GOP Senator (La.), while pledging to review the legislation carefully.

“I’m for doing what’s achievable. If we want to get bogged down again and do nothing, to me that’s unacceptable,” John Cornyn said Senator (R-Texas), the No. 2 Senate Republican. “So we’re going to try to figure out a way, a path forward.”


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