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Hillary’s $1,000 Gun Tax Kicks In, Chicago Earns $5 from Violence

gun tax

Hillary Clinton had a bright idea recently . . . tax guns out of existence.

The concept may have seemed unlikely just a few years ago, but thanks to legislative action in the U.S. territory of the Northern Mariana Islands, it’s now a reality.

In April of this year, the territory’s new gun tax took effect which levies an additional $1,000 tax on gun purchases.

The tax is far above the average price of a gun.

For those 2nd Amendment supporters who think the gun tax is just a thing for whacky island nations, think again.

On January 1st of this year the city of Seattle and Cook County, Illinois imposed their versions of a gun tax.

Seattle tacked on an additional $25 tax on gun purchases while Cook County went further and applied a tax to ammunition. The ammo tax ranges from a penny to five cents per round. A penny per round for rimfire rounds and a nickel for centerfire.

The tax represents a 17% tax on 22lr rounds and a 20% tax on .223 rounds (used in the popular AR15 rifle).

Cook County decided to tax ammunition in addition to a $25 tax on retail purchases of firearms.

Notably, Cook County is home to Chicago, a city with already strict firearms regulations that is also the most gang-infested city in the nation.

Within the first ten days of 2016, over 100 people had been shot. Assuming each victim was shot only once by a center fire round, the city gained $5 in revenue from the violence.


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