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Hillary In Trouble In Iowa

It turns out that self-professed socialist Bernie Sanders is real competition to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

In a poll released by the De Moines Registers and Bloomberg, Sanders is within two points of taking the lead from Hillary Clinton.

In the same poll conducted last month, Hillary led by a comfortable nine points.

If social media is an indicator of political support, Sanders receives 856% more exposure on social networks than the former first lady.

This may be an indicator of Bernie Sanders’ younger support base or his catchy hashtag #feelthebern.

Clinton, who has been mired in controversy through her race, is still able to outraise Sanders with a war chest of $101 million– compared to Sander’s $41.5 million raised.

A significant chunk of Hillary’s dollars come from donors within the District of Columbia where she has raised $3.3 million. Bernie has raised only $79,362 from donors in the nation’s capital.

This is an indicator of establishment support for Hillary and typical for a front-runner as lobbying interests – even on the left – originate in D.C.

Hillary as also received $2 million from George Soros and millions more from typical liberal players including Jeff Katzenberg from movie studio Dreamworks.

Bernie on the other hand has no Super PAC.


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