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Hillary Fumbles Campaign Launch


In the least unexpected political news in history, Hillary Clinton has officially announced her campaign for President in 2016.

But unfortunately for Hillary, the response to her launch has been tepid–with news reports being dominated by the number of missteps, rather than the announcement itself.

First, Hillary has staked out a clear populist message, fighting against the rich and entitled–which is a risky move, considering her wealth.

In her launch video, posted online several hours late, she announced: “Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion.”

It’s exceptionally bold language for someone who has made millions of dollars in the last 15 years since leaving the White House–and gets paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to recite a 30-minute boilerplate speech from a teleprompter.

But, when you remember that Hillary Clinton thought she and Bill were “dead broke” in 2000–because they could barely afford the mortgage on their mansion in a ritzy New York neighborhood–maybe Hillary really does see herself as part of the put-upon middle class.

It’s clear that Hillary will try to court the far-Left so-called “Elizabeth Warren wing” of the Democratic Party, but she’ll have to strike a careful balance, considering her famous ties to Wall Street money.

Second, her logo was universally reviled on social media.

A large blue H, with a red arrow as the middle line, Twitter collectively panned it as an Emergency Room sign, and pointed out that it features a red arrow, pointing right, and skewering through two blue lines. Possibly suggesting the Republican steamroll that could very possibly come in 2016, if she runs another campaign like she did in 2008.

Third, a glaring (and hilarious) typo was found in her press release, which read: Hillary “has fought children and families her whole career.

Jokes aside about Hillary Clinton in a boxing ring with a bunch of kindergarteners, it’s very telling that the Clinton campaign–who has undoubtedly been planning this day for the last 6 years–could make so many rookie errors right off the bat.

Republican National Committee chairman perhaps put it most succinctly: “We deserve better” than Hillary Clinton.


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