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Hillary Can’t Run Government, She Can’t Even Get On The Subway

Hillary Clinton is back in New York trying to keep the state she represented in the Senate in her corner, but she is having a hard time.

In the video above, you see the former Secretary of State trying to enter the New York subway with some troubles. She can’t get her subway pass to work.

In fact, she can’t get it to work FIVE times. We are unsure if she paid five times and didn’t walk through, which is about the way our government has been working, or she just couldn’t figure it out.

This isn’t really a big deal, but it is getting a lot of attention and it just goes to show how out of touch Hillary really is.

She isn’t good at getting on subways and she hasn’t driven a car since 1996. That’s right, since 1996.

Thankfully our tax dollars paid for a lot of her transportation because we are not sure she could get anywhere without someone helping her.


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