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GOP Has Highest Favorability In 7 Years

Donald Trump
Who could hate that face?

The Republican Party is more popular than its been in 7 years.

In the most recent Gallup poll, 45% of Americans have a favorable view of the Republican Party. That’s the highest number its scored in the poll since January 2011, just months after retaking Congress during the 2010 elections in the “Tea Party wave.”

The 45% favorability rating also eclipses Democrats, who are viewed favorably by 44% of Americans.

The surging poll numbers represent a massive turnaround for the Republican Party. Just last year, Gallup pegged their favorability at 37%—meaning that, in the past year, approval has jumped by a whopping 8 points.

Republicans also improved in every demographic, including women and Hispanics.

The poll shows that, despite “generic ballot” polling showing that Democrats have a good chance at taking back the House of Representatives, the fight isn’t over yet. With Republicans becoming more engaged—and the American people viewing the GOP more favorably than they have in years—2018 could still turn out to be anyone’s election.

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