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Feds: “Don’t eat steak–because of global warming!”


If you like steak, you’d better watch out: the federal government is not pleased with you.

In February, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) called for a “transformation” in how Americans eat. Notably was their push for a “plant-based diet,” which pushes things like vegetarianism because of “sustainability” and “climate change.”

Yes. The federal government is now telling you to put down the steak and pick up a salad because of global warming.

Think that sounds ludicrous? You’re not alone.

Already, top industry groups, like the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, is taking offense, decrying these new guidelines as “not appropriate.” The meat industry feels like it’s being unfairly targeted by a runaway bureaucracy, intent on forcing a very narrow definition of “healthy eating” on Americans.

The DGAC feels that sustainability is completely within the DGAC’s scope–and that these new rules are justified.

But not everyone agrees. Even some inside the federal government itself are also crying foul.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack–whose department oversees the DGAC–stood against the DGAC’s new rules:

“Sustainable diets are ‘an appropriate debate to have,’ Mr. Vilsack said. However, ‘there are forums and places for that to take place.’

Which presumably do not include unelected bureaucrats drafting rules about how we’re supposed to eat.

Despite the DGAC’s hope to “transform” our eating habits, it’s worth noting that these are just guidelines, not laws or regulations. So steak will still be on the menu for at least one more barbecue season.


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