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Feds Block State Efforts To Verify Voters Are Citizens


In an incredible effort to corrupt the voting process that forms the heart of our representative democracy, the Obama Administration is blocking efforts by the states to make sure citizens – and only citizens – are voting in federal, state and local elections.

The agency heading up the corruption is a little known federal agency called the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (USEAC) – the bureaucracy that creates prints and processes the federal voter registration form.

According to the USEAC website, the voter registration instructions start with these words:

“Before filling out the body of the form, please answer the questions on the top of the form as to whether you are a United States citizen and whether you will be 18 years old on or before Election Day. If you answer no to either of these questions, you may not use this form to register to vote.”

After filling out your name and address, selecting a political party, certifying your age and following any additional instructions specific to your state, the form ends with a signature line and this warning:

“I have reviewed my state’s instructions and I swear/affirm that:

• I am a United States citizen

• I meet the eligibility requirements of my state and subscribe to any oath required.

• The information I have provided is true to the best of my knowledge under penalty of perjury. If I have provided false information, I may be fined, imprisoned, or (if not a U.S. citizen) deported from or refused entry to the United States.”

There is only one problem.

The USEAC is simply trusting applicants to honestly certify that they are U.S. Citizens. Applicants do not need to have their applications notarized by an officer of any court or even provide the signature of a witness – and enforcement is nonexistent.

The last “enforcement action” published on the USEAC website was a policy announcement from 2008 spelling out enforcement guidelines that election officials need to follow if fraud is suspected.

That means there is nothing – NOTHING – to stop determined “community organizers”, working in particularly heavily Democratic inner city precincts, from setting up assembly lines to register noncitizen or even non-existent voters and then have “community activists” show up on Election Day to cast fraudulent ballots.

At a time when many elections are being decided by a few thousand or even a few hundred votes and the right of citizens to see their will expressed at the ballot box is gravely threatened.

According to a recent article published in The Daily Signal:

“…the exact number of noncitizens who are voting in our elections is difficult to quantify because of the bureaucratic quagmire perpetuated by federal agencies against the (very few) states that have the resolve to attempt to verify citizenship…” and that “Federal agencies responsible for immigration and naturalization routinely fight efforts to compare voter rolls with lists of known noncitizens.

And the evidence that noncitizens are voting is mounting.

As The Daily Signal reports, The American Civil Rights Union filed an friend of the court “amicus” brief with the Supreme Court documenting multiple instances where noncitizens are registering and voting. The brief urges the Court to take up a petition for certiorari filed by Kansas and Arizona seeking to overturn a bad decision on this issue by the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Earlier this year, Hans A. von Spakovsky with The Heritage Foundation testified before a House committee and provided examples of foreigners voting – and that none of the offenders were prosecuted by Obama’s Justice Department.

With the federal government inaction increasing, Kansas and Arizona resolved to implement their own citizenship safeguards – something the Constitution allows them to do. But with the USEAC blocking Kansas and Arizona from implementing their citizenship verification efforts, the states are now looking to the Supreme Court for help.

Even more outrageous is the fact that denying Kansas and Arizona from acting was not decided by a majority vote of USEAC commissioners but rather a single Washington, D.C., bureaucrat – the agency’s then-acting executive director.

With the integrity of our representative democracy “on hold” until the Supreme Court weighs in with a decision of their own and the USEAC working with the Democrat Party, it appears that honest law-abiding citizens will need to show up in record numbers on Election Day to exact ballot outcomes that reflect the real will of real voters.


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