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Fashion Star Slammed For Admitting “Not All Republicans Are Racists”

Gay Hairdresser
"Once I remove all this crazy pink Tumblr hair, you'll be able to think freely again!"

“Queer Eye” star is a vocal member of the left, but is now in the liberal crosshairs for saying “not all Republicans are racist”.

Jonathan Van Ness is a popular TV personality and often spends his time on Twitter bashing the president, but isn’t good enough for many of the left these days. He made one reasonable and level headed comment and the left attacked.

All he said was that not all Republicans are racist and he started getting attacked and mocked by the more radical left. He was called “Jonathan Van Ass”, and told, “you know nothing about politics”.

The same guy that got a lot of support for thinking that Trump is a racist.

Here is a member of the left that clearly against Donald Trump, but that isn’t enough. If you want to be on the left these days, you allegedly have to think that all Republicans are racist.

The left is going way left and starting to attack other loyal Democrats. How far can they go? If many think that all Republicans are racist, what is next?

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