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Far-Left Iraq War Movie Bombs At The Box Office

Box Office
"Here's my ticket stub - can I have a refund. That was AWFUL!"

Virtually no one turned out to see director Rob Reiner’s latest movie, “Shock and Awe”–a liberal, anti-George W. Bush film about the Iraq War.

For the weekend of July 13-15, “Shock and Awe” grossed just $41,000.

The movie, which depicts the true story of Knight Ridder journalists who questioned the Bush Administration’s justification for the Iraq War, also received hostile reviews.

CNN’s Bryan Lowry claimed the movie was “banal” and “heavy-handed.”

“For all that, Shock and Awe (which was made available on demand prior to its theatrical release) is a slim, at-times too-obvious portrayal of an important story, as well as the fundamental calling of journalism when it comes to holding the powerful to account,” Lowry added.

He finished: “By that measure, it’s an earnest but not particularly awe-inspiring as a movie, and even as a treatise on reporters doggedly pursuing the truth in the face of obfuscation and denials, nor is it especially shocking.”


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