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Disastrous November Coming For Democrats?

Things are not looking good for the Democrats as the mid-term elections get closer and closer. Since Biden took over almost two years ago, the Democrats don’t have a lot of wins, and they losses could add up to a very disappointing November.

First, it is hard to say that COVID is under control when the president has contracted the virus twice in the past month.

It is obvious that COVID isn’t going away under the leadership of the Democrats.

Second, it is hard to say that the Democrats are leading the country in the right direction when the economy is moving towards recession.

If the economy doesn’t turn around soon, then the smart money won’t be on a big blue wave this November.

Third, there is a lot of conflict happening around the world right now. Russia declared the United States as its top rival in a new Navy doctrine.

Tensions are rising in the South China sea as the Chinese continue their expansion and they are looking to possibly invade Taiwan.

With so many issues facing the United States and the world, the biggest issue facing Democrats is the mid-term elections.


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