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Did Your Candidate Sign The Liberty Pledge?

For more than a decade, Liberty Guard has been a leader in the fight to protect liberty and challenge government abuse.

With the worst policies ever considered being proposed by Nancy Pelosi’s and Chuck Schumer’s Congress almost every week, we need real Freedom Fighters in Congress; patriots who will protect our freedoms and stop Socialism.

Liberty Guard is here to fight abuses by overbearing government.

Between an out-of-control and overly politicized FBI, an ever-expanding IRS that wants to spy on virtually every bank account you have, a January 6 Commission that is persecuting political opponents, a Defense Department that is more interested in pandering to social justice wokeness warriors than in winning wars, and a federal debt over $30 trillion that is causing massive inflation, we need fighters for liberty as never before, and we are naming names!

These truly are dangerous times for our freedoms. That’s why Liberty Guard is DOING something about it by demanding accountability of those who want to represent us!

Liberty Guard is fighting the Deep State – and we are looking for those who will stand up for our shared freedoms and fight for accountability.

Is YOUR candidate willing to sign the Liberty Pledge? Present it to them and find out!

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