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Did Bernie Sanders Get Paranoid Over Marijuana?

Tommy Chong

Tommy Chong, who endorsed Bernie Sanders in January, was on cloud nine after being asked to introduce the Vermont Senator at a campaign stop in California.

Tommy’s dreams went up in smoke this week when Bernie cancelled just hours before the rally, stating scheduling conflicts.

The famous half of Cheech and Chong and lifetime advocate for the legalization of marijuana, Tommy Chong was very excited to introduce Bernie, but now he feels like the Sanders campaign didn’t like the optics of a weed advocate introducing him.

Chong spoke to the Hollywood Reporter and said, “It’s lip service to get the votes, but they don’t want to endorse what I stand for and what I’ve stood for all my professional career. It was an insult.”

Tommy even went on a radio show earlier the same day and gave high praise to the senator and talked about how excited he was to introduce the presidential candidate.

“Now I’m going to look like a fool, like one of those guys who starts bragging about something that isn’t true. And I don’t like that because my endorsement means a lot because of what I have gone through and what the whole [legalization] culture has gone through.”

There is no word on if he will be able to introduce Bernie at a future stop before the June 7th California primary. Tommy is a good sport though, and continues his support for Bernie while he waits to reschedule.

Tommy Chong is still holding out for that opportunity to be appointed to a marijuana “joint” task force. We’ll see what happens.


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