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Dems Renew DACA Amnesty Push, With New Argument

Immigration Protesters
"Behold! The Antifa army with which I will overthrow the rule of law" - Barack Obama

Rep. Luis Gutierrez has repeatedly called President Donald Trump a “narcissist” and “heartless.” In his crazed zeal for open borders, and massive welfare, Gutierrez even lashed out at former President Obama, slamming him for ramping up deportations in the closing months of his term, in order to coax Republicans into accepting open borders, and pro-amnesty immigration reform. However, it seems, Obama is making up for lost time – and is now working behind the scenes with sitting lawmakers to push DACA Amnesty, and worse.

Gutierrez raged, “The Democratic Party’s credibility gap with the immigrant community stems in part because former President Barack Obama – who Gutierrez called the Deporter-in-Chief – ramped up deportations in order to win over Republican support on immigration reform. But when House Republicans refused to even take up a bipartisan, Senate-passed reform bill, Obama signed DACA as a down payment to Latinos.”

“[A]t some point it became very clear to him that he needed to be on the side of the immigrant community,” Gutierrez stated. Comparing Obama with President Trump, Gutierrez added, “Because Obama had a conscious, he knew shame and he could make ethical judgements about right and wrong. But if you’re a narcissist like Donald Trump, heartless, nobody can show you another way because you don’t see past the tip of your nose.”

Gutierrez is seen heading a group of Democrats that have promised to not support any bill unless it promises amnesty to over 800,000 illegal immigrants – many of them violent criminal offenders.

Pushing the Democratic leaders, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, to push for the immigration reform before they head out for the holidays, “We cannot wait until March,” Gutiérrez said in his speech for the House of Representatives on Wednesday. “The DREAM Act and the protections of the DACA program are not light switches we can turn on and off,” he added.

“Any Democrat that expresses a fear that we’re going to get blamed politically for shutting down the government, is helping Republicans in their very devious plan,” Gutierrez argued. And added, “Because you’re basically saying to them, ‘I feel weak. I don’t feel emboldened. I don’t want to be blamed.’ Plus, they have to be laughing, saying ‘Wow, we’re in the majority and the minority is accepting responsibility for something that we truly must fear.’”

He even went as far as to express that his fellow Democrats need to stand up to Trump. “With Trump you need to say, ‘We’re not coordinating any vote…here with you: This is important to us,’” Gutierrez said. “How do you break him? How do you break Trump? You don’t break Trump, because he doesn’t care.”

Democratic leaders, on the other hand, argued back that the DACA remains a very important subject to them.  “We haven’t given up on getting to DACA this week,” stated senior congressional Democratic leadership aid. “If the date were to slide it wouldn’t slide in a way to minimize our leverage to get it done.”


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