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Cruzmentum Comes To A Screeching Halt


Despite the delegate grabs through backroom deals, the momentum Ted Cruz has built over the last few weeks came to an end as the results of the New York primary were released last night.

While no pollster predicted Ted Cruz would win any New York delegates, the remaining primary schedule looks just as daunting for the Texas senator.

The month of April winds down with primaries in the North East where Trump has proved to be particularly strong.

Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania all hold their primaries on April 26th with a total of 254 delegates up for grabs.

With the addition of New York’s 95 delegates along with the April 26th states, Trump will be within striking distance of winning the nomination while Cruz will be desperate to hit just 600 delegates (less than half of what is required to win).

Following Cruz’s voteless wins in Colorado and Wyoming, the candidate has dropped over three points from his all time peak of 33% support.

Trump remains a steady ten points ahead of Cruz in the polls while John Kasich has plateaued at 21% support.

While convention antics are still possible that would block Trump from the nomination, he’s on the path to win in a fair fight.

As for Cruz, expect desperate attempts to conflate and confuse convention rules and work himself into a VP position to Trump following the California primary.


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