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Congress To Give Gov New Surveillance Powers

The NSA does the digital equivalent of this ^ every day... what about our Rights!?

Preparation of a stand-alone vote is being done, as the bill to renew a very controversial surveillance rule – which is deemed critical to deal with terrorist activities and help reduce the frequency of the completion of their plans – needs passing in the House.

The bill is ready to be voted on, as the House Intelligence Committee has made a modification in it. The modification simply introduces new privacy concerns on the National Security Agency’s – NSA program that does not need any warrants for the surveillance.

The ruling after it is voted now would be renewed in the year 2025, and would not require the need of long and tiring reauthorization processes that are usually sought by the administrations.

The New ruling also puts a ban on the specific ‘about’ collection. This ban limits the government and authorities to collect the data from communications, from a target being observed and would exclude all the additional collection of data and references of the target.

The NSA stopped the collection of data earlier in the year on a voluntary basis because of the operational causes, but it now requests the access to turn the system operational again for future use.

As per the new, revised, legislation regarding the surveillance, the NSA could restart their collection again but should provide a 30-day notice to the Congress.

The house and the congress, both had struggled hard to reach a common point on reviewing and relaunching the ruling, that is titled Section 702, which was also expiring on the 31st December this year, and it was dubious to clear the House voting.

The Judiciary Committee too went on to bring forward their own proposal to renew the ruling and included much more wide spread privacy reforms.

House Freedom Caucus opposed the reformed take on the judiciary proposal on the privacy basis. But the new bill is inclusive the language from the intel panel’s top Democratic Representative, Adam Schiff, who may gather enough votes to overcome the opposition that the controversial bill faces.

The Fate, however, still remains to be very unclear in the Senate where the majority whip John Cornyn, is of the suggestion that the lawmakers should try to add more short-term renewal clauses into a more substituted measure, prolonging the task into the next year.

The issue that prevails is that, whether the federal investigators should be made to request a specific warrant before they use or view the data collected by the surveillance program on American citizens.

As per the law that prevails right now, the NSA is to collect the text messages and emails of all the foreigners who are abroad without a need of an authorized and individual warrant – even when the people being observed are in contact with the Americans in the U.S.

The Federal investigators, as per the current law, can search these communications for the specific information, without a warrant that is considered a violation of the Americans’ Fourth Amendment protections.

The bill by the intelligence committee would allow the federal investigators to search the database of the American citizens. However, this would also make the federal investigators obtain a warrant or court order before they access or make use of this information for criminal cases.


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