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CNN demolished with epic prank

CNN got self-owned… when they accidentally asked an anti-CNN prank question on their “coronavirus townhall.”

On Thursday, Anderson Cooper hosted a segment where he asked viewer questions about the coronavirus pandemic to Dr. Sanjay Gupta and CDC Director Robert Redfield.

At one point, this question came up on the screen: “Is Stage 4 TDS considered an underlying morbidity?”

TDS, of course, refers to “Trump Derangement Syndrome”–a common criticism of liberals who are so obsessed with hating President Trump that they lose touch with reality.

Cooper did not ask the question to Gupta or Redfield–CNN apparently realized on their own that they had let a prank question in.

The question appeared on the chyron for less than 10 seconds, before switching the far less hilarious: “Tell me about the likelihood of infection by wearing contact lenses.”


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