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Christian Missionary Attacked And Killed By Arrows


Arrows killed a Christian missionary that felt called to tell a remote civilization about Jesus in an attempt to spread the word.

John Allen Chau, 27-years-old, traveled to a place that most have never heard of, and nobody has visited. North Sentinel Island off the coast of India is off limits. The people on the island have existed for centuries without any contact to the outside world. The Indian government protects the island and any visitation is illegal, including by the military.

John Allen Chau, originally from Alabama bribed a local fisherman to get him close to the island. He then canoed to the shore where he was attacked and killed by arrows.

Chau was a world traveler and unsuccessfully attempted many times to reach the island. It took a lot of planning and bribes to make his way to the isolated land.

The island is home to roughly 150 people and is the only known civilization that has had zero contact with the outside world.

France 24 is reporting that the police have “registered a case of murder” and there have been seven arrests.

It is unclear who was arrested.

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