democratic governor

Democratic Gov. risked lives to oppose Trump. Now she’s begging for his help.

Last week, Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer chose to risk the lives of her own people to give President Trump the middle-finger--with...
Liberals Blaming

Liberals blaming GOP for unanimous, bipartisan Coronavirus bill

Far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is attacking Republicans over the $2 trillion Coronavirus relief bill. The one problem? Every...
Trump Approval

Trump’s Approval Hits All-Time High

President Trump's approval has been soaring, thanks to his strong response to the Coronavirus pandemic. According to the RealClearPolitics...
Trump Approval

Left Panics as Trump Approval Skyrockets

The liberal left is panicking... that Coronavirus could deliver them four more years of President Donald J. Trump. MSNBC's...
trump's polls

Trump’s Polls Skyrocket Over Coronavirus

The liberal media continues to hammer President Trump over his response to Coronavirus... but the American voters feel differently.
coronavirus speech

Biden Destroyed Over Disastrous Coronavirus Speech

Likely Democratic nominee, Vice President Joe Biden, had attracted huge criticism last week for essentially disappearing in the wake of Coronavirus.
socialist agenda

Pelosi’s Coronavirus “Plan” Pushes Socialist Agenda

Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic base in Washington have scuttled the bipartisan Coronavirus relief bill... in hopes they could get a whole...

Democrats Destroy US Economy to Hurt Trump

Democrats have officially killed the Coronavirus relief bill... sending the stock market into another tailspin. Over the past week,...

Where (and why) Joe Biden’s Hiding Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Last week, Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden effectively clinched the nomination. Then, he disappeared completely. According...
omar praise

Even Ilhan Omar praises Trump over Coronavirus leadership

Coronavirus is doing the impossible: it’s making the far-left and the mainstream media rally around President Trump. Even Rep....

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