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Spanking Is Making A Comeback

A Missouri school district is resorting to physical assault as a punishment for disorderly kids. The Barry County school district recently announced that they would be spanking their kids… with a witness of course.

The policy of corporal punishment was removed back in 2001, but now it is back.

Parents have to sign a permission form to allow the paddling.

A great way to give the state the ability to physically discipline children.

“We’ve had people actually thank us for it,” Superintendent, Merlyn Johnson said. “Surprisingly, those on social media would probably be appalled to hear us say these things but the majority of people that I’ve run into have been supportive.”

It is hard to believe that 19 states allow spankings.

The move to paddle kids seems like a drastic move, but the community seems to think it is a good idea.

We’ll see how it turns out.

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