Kathy Griffin

Liberal comedian makes bizarre Trump death threat

Liberal comedian Kathy Griffin hasn't learned her lesson. Years after Griffin was "cancelled" for a guesome photo depicting her...
Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar backs violent riot

Riots, looting, and arson consuming much of Minneapolis on Wednesday night. Far-left Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), who represents the...
sad democrat

Poll: Liberals more miserable and lonely than conservatives

Democrats are more worried, scared, and lonely than Republicans. At least, that's what a new Gallup poll says.
closed gym

Defiant NJ gym escalates anti-lockdown fight

The New Jersey gym that vowed to re-open in violation of the state's coronavirus lockdown has finally been shut down.
end lockdown

California doctor begs to end lockdown… for this unexpected reason

A California doctor is begging the state to end its economy-killing lockdown... because the suicide rate has skyrocketed. Dr....

Courts begin overturning coronavirus restrictions

Two Democratic governors have now seen their draconian coronavirus shutdown orders thrown out by the courts. On Monday, a...

NJ gym reopens again–defies Dem Gov AGAIN

The Democratic Governor of New Jersey has got to be fuming now. Just hours after threatening the owners and...

Apple announces bombshell “China exit”

Apple wants to move 20% of their iPhone production out of China... and into India. The shifted investment would...
iran navy

Iran accidentally goes to war with itself, and loses

19 Iranian sailors are dead... after two Iranian naval vessels accidentally went to battle with each other. On Sunday,...
canada guns

Canada bans guns. US could be next.

It only took one mass shooting for Canada to ban most guns. Canada, which does not have the same...

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