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Can Kanye Deliver Trump The Black Vote?

Donald Trump
*That look of surprised confusion when you find out Kanye is your biggest fan*

Could Kanye West deliver President Donald Trump the African-American vote in 2020?

Scott Adams, the prominent creator of the Dilbert cartoon, thinks so.

“Democrats are on the verge of losing African-American votes, and that would be game-over for the party. You can see the panic in their fake news attacks on me. But especially watch how they IGNORE Kanye West’s IDEAS in favor of attacking PERSONALITIES. #DeathRattle,” Adams tweeted on Tuesday afternoon.

The day before, Adams had tweeted out a 22-minute video titled “Kanye West Showed the Way to the Golden Age,” where he defended West at length.

Adams explained that West “ripped a hole in reality” by daring to defend black conservative commentator Candace Owens for escaping the Left’s “prison of the mind.”

According to a recent poll, just 11 percent of African-Americans consider themselves Republican… but, if Scott Adams is correct, West’s comments could spark a new wave of black Republican voters.


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