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BREAKING: The President To Resign


Don’t get too excited, we are only talking about Brazil.

The first woman President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, is stepping down after the country’s Senate voted to put her on trial for corruption charges.

The 68-year-old politician rose to power when the leftist Working Party took control about 13 years ago. The liberal party got people out of poverty and tried to find them work, but the corruption of the leaders plagued the growth.

The opposition on the right has huge support and protests were rampant leading up to the vote. Now celebrations are sweeping the country.

The former economist and Marxist is now going to go to trial which could last up to six months.

The vote came after a lengthy investigation and when it goes to trial she will likely be found guilty. There is very little chance she will be acquitted.

Brazil is in a tailspin and it couldn’t come at a worse time for the struggling country.

Brazil is home to this year’s summer Olympics and the traditional games are facing real problems with dirty water and the Zika virus. Even the former Brazilian soccer star Rivaldo is urging players to “stay away” from Brazil this summer because the country is getting “more ugly”.

The political situation in South America is very troublesome. Brazil has many problems, obviously, but so does neighboring Venezuela. The small country just witnessed the assassination of the leader of the opposition party. Couple all of this with the growing dangers of the Zika virus in the area and things don’t look good.

Meanwhile American leadership is silent on what is happening in South America. Instead of dealing with the problems, we are seeing more illegal immigrants crossing our southern border.

The world if facing big problems and we need a President that can deal with them, and so does Brazil apparently.


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