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Bloomberg To Drop A Billion On Independent Bid?


Billionaire businessman and former New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, is seriously weighing an independent run for the presidency according to multiple sources and insiders.

Bloomberg, who applied his personal parenting style on the people of New York City for years, has been the butt of countless jokes since his attempted ban on Big Gulps and other “oversized” sugary drinks.

The billionaire’s latest mission is to increase gun control in America. Bloomberg has invested $72 million on campaigns to shoot down the Second Amendment.

That $72 million is a drop in the bucket compared to what he is willing to spend on a presidential push.

Bloomberg has pledged to spend $1 billion of his own money if he chooses to run.

What is his deciding factor?

Being a savvy businessman, Bloomberg does not think he could compete against Hillary Clinton and is unlikely to run against the former secretary of state according to sources familiar with the possible campaign.

That leaves the decision up to the performance of Bernie “Sandstorm” Sanders.

The projection of intent is interesting in that the move is clearly directed to Clinton who has not taken as strong as a stance against guns as Bloomberg would like. Hillary knows, as do all serious candidates, that if you come out strong against the Second Amendment, you’ll find yourself in the crosshairs of the National Rifle Association.

Rather than fight the NRA, Clinton has cozied up to President Obama to boost her support among uninterested voters.

A threat of a three-way race against Trump and Bloomberg is enough to make Hillary have a change of heart on the gun issue.

Bloomberg is likely to peel off liberal voters and turn the election into another 1992, where fiscally conservative Ross Perot helped Bill Clinton defeat George Bush.


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