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Bill and Hillary Cancel “Stadium Tour” When No One Buys Tickets

Empty Seats
What a striking turnout!

Bill and Hillary Clinton still can’t seem to get the message: the American people don’t want them around anymore.

The latest humiliation? Apparently their “stadium tour” has been cancelled due to low ticket sales.

According to the American Mirror, a source has asserted “that Bill and Hillary Clinton’s 13-city tour has been canceled.”

The tour, which was billed as “An Evening with the Clintons,” planned to start later this year and continue into 2019.

Despite the inside information, no statement has been released from the Clintons confirming that the tour has in fact been cancelled and tickets are still on sale—lots of tickets.

The tour is obviously a way for the Clintons to keep themselves in the spotlight… but it could also be a dress rehearsal for the 2020 election.

According to former Clinton aide Mark Penn, Hillary is “definitely” running for President again in 2020.


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