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Biden crashes in polls, now tied with Trump


The newest Reuters/Ipsos poll shows Joe Biden crashing in the polls.

The former Vice President is now polling in a statistical tie with President Trump.

Worse, the poll shows he would receive a smaller percentage of the vote than Hillary Clinton–who won the popular vote by 3 percent but lost badly in the Electoral College.

Biden leads Trump by just 2 points in the poll, which was conducted on Monday and Tuesday of this week. Biden polls at 43 percent, while Trump polls at 41 percent.

That officially makes the race a statistical tie, since the difference falls within the poll’s margin of error.

For Biden, this represents a giant collapse in support in just the past few weeks.

Last week, Reuters/Ipsos found Biden leading by 6 points. The week before, he was leading by 8 points.

The poll also finds that voters are increasingly selecting President Trump as the best choice to rebuild the devastated economy, which just two months ago was the strongest on record. 45 percent of Americans feel that Trump will be the better candidate for creating jobs, while just 32 percent feel Biden would be.

Those numbers are also down from April, when Trump’s edge was just 6 points, rather than 13.

Biden’s campaign faces huge headwinds moving forward: his campaign has far less cash on hand than President Trump’s, and he’s raising less money than the President each month.

Biden has also been hit hard by sexual allegations, which have caused many on the far-left to sour on the former Vice President.

With much of the country on lockdown, Biden is also struggling to get seen by the American public–while Trump, as President, has hosted countless hours of televised White House briefings in the past few weeks.


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