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Bernie And Hillary Split States On Tuesday. Divided Like The DNC

Bernie and Hillary

Tuesday, Democrats in Kentucky and Oregon took part in their states’ primaries for president, and the race for the Democratic nomination is more divided now than ever.

Bernie won Oregon by almost 10 percentage points and got over 40,000 more votes than Hillary.

In Kentucky the race was much closer. Hillary is up by just over 2,000 votes and it is still too close to call as this was written. She is currently up by .5%. If Hillary is officially declared the winner, it will be by a nose hair.

Hillary was hoping to put Bernie away after these primaries but that is not the case. In reality, Bernie is doing better now than ever.

Bernie spoke to a massive crowd last night in California, and is calling his movement a revolution.

Hillary on the other hand is under criminal investigation by the FBI and has tried to avoid large groups of people that her campaign can’t pre-select and control.

The results last night show us two things: Bernie is not going away and the Democratic Party is starting to really fracture. We saw evidence of that in Nevada at the Democratic State Convention when violence broke out over how delegates were being handled and how rowdy the crowd got.

Trump has the nomination locked up for the GOP, but the left is still in a heated battle. The GOP has time to come together, but we are now witnessing a great divide growing in the Democratic Party that they will have a hard time fixing in the future, let alone by November.

What are your thoughts? Do you think the Democratic Party is divided and do you think that will help the GOP? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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