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Another Clinton Scandal Is A Blonde Bombshell


Bill Clinton is back at it again, but this time he has mixed business with pleasure and it could cost him and Hillary big time.

Reports are coming out that the Clinton Foundation gave two million dollars to an energy company in the United States to help make people’s homes more efficient.

Sounds harmless right? Wrong.

Energy Pioneer Solutions is the company that received the funds and is partially owned by a beautiful divorcee’ with three children. Her name is Julie Tauber McMahon and she lives just a few miles from the Clinton’s home in Chappaqua, New York.

Julie is rumored to be the same woman who has been dubbed “Energizer” by secret agents working on the Clinton detail. “Energizer” for obvious reasons.

In the book “The First Family’s Detail” there are some shocking insights into the relationship that is rumored to happen frequently between Bill and Julie, timed perfectly around Hillary’s time at the New York home.

The agents were asked to change normal protocol whenever she came around and was able to walk right in to see the former president.

Bill’s affairs are troubling and worrisome, but it is the money that was given to the company of a suspected partner in an affair. Using foundation money for personal gain is not how it works and the Clintons could be in big trouble.

Hillary doesn’t need this right now. She is under investigation by the FBI, Bernie Sanders keeps winning ,and Donald Trump is holding no punches. Things don’t look good for the Clintons, but that doesn’t matter to Bill.

Bill’s already been president so the scandals just keep going, and going, and going.


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