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America Is Officially In The Can


Anheuser-Busch, the former American beer maker, has decided to rename the classic “Budweiser” brand “America” for the summer and through the election.

The Belgian company is swapping out the iconic cursive Budweiser name and in doing so makes us realize all that is wrong in the world.

The country that brave men and women have fought for, the country that doles out gives more foreign aid than any other country by far, and the country that is always the first to respond in an emergency is now the name of a beer.

America is officially in the can. What is next, are we going to change the name of all our bathrooms? Oh wait, that is happening now.

By replacing the iconic beer with “America”, cheapens the American brand. It reduces all the greatness of America to a logo on a beer.

Twitter thinks it is a ridiculous idea as well and took no time in tying the change into American Politics.

This person is going to give up on drinking Budweiser because of the change.

This is just sad and as Americans we should tell the Belgian company we don’t appreciate the change. America is not something that you can hold in your hand and it doesn’t make you throw up if you consume too much.

What do you think? Will be drinking America this summer?


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