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After Last Night’s Election Results, One Thing Is Clear

Election Results

On Tuesday, five states’ 111 GOP delegates were up for grab for the presidential candidates. Donald Trump won all five states in a convincing manner and took all but six of the 111 delegates.

Surprisingly, the new establishment favorite, Ted Cruz, came in third in all but one state. Kasich had a strong night and was rewarded with all of his hard work with five delegates. Kasich continues to trail Marco Rubio in the delegate count.

But that isn’t the most amazing thing that happened. The fact that Trump just got a clean sweep and most of the delegates isn’t the big news.

The big news is that Kasich and Cruz are still in the fight. At this point, Trump has almost certainly has a clear path to the nomination by getting the 1,237 needed delegates before the convention in June. But Kasich and Cruz are still competing?

After the wins by the Trump campaign last night, he has received more popular votes so far than Mitt Romney got total in the 2012 cycle.

There have been 8.7 million more people voting republican this time around than in 2012. That is a huge number of people that are either joining the party or coming back and it is because of Donald Trump.

We have not seen this kind of engagement in over 30 years on the right. But what is the establishment doing? They are trying to stop Trump at every turn.

The only reason Kasich stayed in was to stop Trump from getting the needed delegates, but now he looks like he will get them anyway.

Ted Cruz says he is the only one who can beat Hillary, but in a new poll Trump is in a dead heat with Hillary for the presidency in November. His numbers have gone up while her’s have gone down.

The truth is, Ted Cruz and John Kasich have fought hard and really did their best to bring down Donald Trump but the people are voting differently.

The only thing that is really clear from last night’s elections is that Donald Trump is going to be the nominee and everyone else should get out of the way. The establishment should just admit their loss to Trump and rally behind him to beat Hillary in the fall.

Newt Gingrich even said today that the establishment should “get over it”.

If the Republicans want to salvage any respect at this point with the voters, the party, and with Donald Trump they need to tell Ted and John to get out and rally behind Donald.

The focus now needs to shift to beating Hillary Clinton.

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