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A Biden landslide in November?

Joe Biden
Photo Credit: Matt Johnson

Democrats are quietly preparing for a “Biden landslide” win in November.

Recent polls show Biden pulling ahead of President Trump in head-to-head polling.

Biden now leads Trump by 9.5 percent in the RCP Average of polls.

Individual polls paint an even starker picture: a CNN poll from earlier this month has Biden up by 14 points, while the most recent poll from FOX News has Biden up 12.

That’s Biden’s biggest margin since December 2019–before he fell behind in the polls for the Democratic Party nomination.

In swing states, Biden looks almost as strong: according to RCP, he’s leading Trump by several points in Florida, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and even Arizona. Trump won all of those states in 2016.

Trump’s likelihood of victory in the betting odds has also plunged, with Biden leading 54 to 39.

Biden, however, is trying hard not to jinx himself–and suffer a calamitous loss like Hillary Clinton did in 2016:

“Ignore the polls. We can’t take anything for granted this November — the stakes are simply too high,” Biden wrote, in a tweet.


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