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Hillary Machine Strikes Back Against “Clinton Cash” Book

Hillary Clinton is taking no chances with the potential fallout from the newly published book “Clinton Cash” by author Peter Schweizer who details the financial empire she and husband Bill have built since she became Secretary of State in the Obama Administration beginning in 2009.

The push back is classic Clinton – destroy the credibility of the author and dismiss the book’s content as politically motivated “false attacks” unworthy of rebuttal.

If it succeeds this time, it will be without the help of major news organizations including The New York Times, The Washington Post, Fox News and other players in the world of mainstream media.

That’s because Schweizer sent advanced copies of “Clinton Cash” to these and other news organizations with one condition – tear it apart if you can. Since then, it has been nothing but bad news for Clinton Inc.

Rushing to her defense is Clinton’s long-term enforcer and presidential campaign manager John Podesta who is orchestrating a full-throated campaign using paid media, digital media, surrogates and “deep background” sources to undermine the examination of Clinton’s finances that hit bookstores yesterday.

Podesta has even launched webpage called “The Briefing” featuring a memo from Podesta explaining the counter strategy to the book that reads in part:

“Hillary Clinton entered this race to fight for solutions that will help everyday Americans get ahead and stay ahead… Republicans seem to only want to distort Hillary Clinton’s record.”

“Now, within days of Hillary announcing her campaign for President, we are confronted with latest in a long list of partisan books attacking the Clintons….That book, titled Clinton Cash, is written by a Republican operative-turned-blogger.”

“Before even hitting the bookshelves, it has been discredited far and wide by observers on both the left and the right.”

If you read the entire memo, Podesta never mentions Schweizer by name, never tells you who has discredited his book from “the left and the right” or gives his own detailed rebuttal to any of the facts documented in the bibliography. All he has, as usual, are ad hominin attacks.

Podesta doesn’t refute the charge that hundreds of millions of dollars in donations were received by the Clinton Foundation from foreign companies, governments and individuals during her time as Secretary of State… does not explain why Bill Clinton’s speaking fees jumped from $175,000 to $500,000 per speech once she became Secretary of State… that multiple multi-million dollar gifts were not disclosed on her foundation’s federal tax returns… and that the foundation just announced it would be filing amended returns to fix “omissions and errors” going back at least the last five years.

Undeterred by his forgetfulness, Podesta says:

“While ‘Clinton Cash’ has already been debunked, we are clear-eyed about the fact that this will not be the last false set of allegations flung our way.”

“We will stand ready to fight for a better future for everyday Americans and to swat back these unfair attacks from those invested in protecting a status quo that is stacked in favor of those at the top.”

According to Podesta, “The Briefing” will be a section on Clinton’s website along with a suite of co-branded social media platforms – from Twitter and Vine to YouTube and Facebook – the whole digital nine yards.

“These platforms”, Podesta says, “will enable the campaign to deliver fact-based messages about Hillary Clinton and the work of the Clinton Foundation to the public”… and “enable us to organize our supporters and mobilize them to actively participate in challenging false attacks against Hillary’s record.”

Podesta ended his “blah, blah, blah” memo by writing that the congressional investigation into Hillary’s handling of the Benghazi scandal – the investigation that the Obama Administration and Hillary herself stonewalled for more two years – is being dragged out by Republicans who, understandably, won’t take “NO” of an answer.


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