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World Population Out Of Control?

The world population is growing and according to the UN, Earth will reach eight billion inhabitants on November 15th of this year. 8 billion!

India is seeing some of the most growth and the total population in the country will soon surpass China.

Despite the eight billion milestone, the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs says that we are in the slowest period of growth since the 50’s.

Even with the rate of growth at a slower pace, the UN is still projecting we will be close to 10 billion people by 2050.

At some point, will we have too many people on this planet?

Can our food and water supplies keep up?

Right now, farmers are having major problems with getting clean water to grow crops, but that isn’t the only problem facing them today.

The rising costs of farming, the fuel, supply chain issues and a myriad of other problems make it hard for farmers to farm right now. Will those issues get better or worse as we approach 10 billion people?

The problems are very apparent, but the solution isn’t.

In America our politicians only focus on four years at a time, and a problem like will be ignored until it is too late.


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