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World In Shock! Hillary Tells Truth


Something amazing has happened. The Internet has provided us with a video of Hillary Clinton that defies all logic and thought.

Hillary is not known for “telling the whole truth” and is in a bit of trouble these days. Not only has Bernie Sanders, her Democrat rival, won 5 of the last 6 primary states, but Hillary is in trouble with the FBI.

Breaking this week is that she, as well as many in her staff, will be interviewed about her mishandling of classified information. That could turn out to be serious, but the news this week is this video.

We all have known that Hillary bends the truth a little bit from time to time. Okay, let’s be honest, all the time. In this video though she changes her tone and decides to tell the truth.

This new leaf that Clinton has turned over might turn around her trustworthy polling numbers and could change this race.

Bernie Sanders and the FBI would also like to see her tell the truth more often, but for now, this video is a good start.


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