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Will Trump Pick Son-In-Law For Chief Of Staff?

Jared Kushner
Trump's Rasputin?

Trump has taken a lot of criticism for having his family work with him, but will he pick Jared Kushner to be his Chief of Staff?

Sources close to the president are saying that many advisors are urging Trump to make Jared Kushner, the husband of Ivanka Trump, the next Chief of Staff.

Kushner has quietly been behind the scenes working with the NAFTA deal and working with the Saudi’s after the killing of Jamal Khoshoggi.

Kushner has played a big role in the administration as a senior advisor. It is easy to see why some would want him in the position. People on Twitter on the other hand, don’t like the idea at all.

Twitter doesn’t like the idea too much, but who else could take the role for the president?

One surprising candidate might be the former New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie. He brash politician and former GOP presidential candidate met with the President on Thursday to discuss the position.

According to Reuters, the president is considering up to five different candidates. It doesn’t matter who Tump picks, it is unlikely that Twitter will be happy.

Who do you think Trump should pick as his new Chief of Staff? Let us know in the comments below.