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Will Hillary Lose The Election Over A Cough?

hillary coughing

If Hillary Clinton receives the nomination for president from the Democratic Party, will she be able to beat the FBI, Bernie Sanders and the GOP without choking?

At first, there were a few videos that surfaced that showed Hillary in a coughing fit that last a few seconds and he drank water and brushed it off.

Conspiracy theorists were quick to draw bigger conclusions, but the idea of something seriously wrong with her was largely ignored, but not anymore.

Almost every day a new video shows her having a coughing attack. Here is her latest from Sunday at a rally in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

There is no doubt that she is good at playing it off, and making a joke about it, but it is happening all the time.

Again just last week on a radio show. The same show with her infamous “Hot Sauce” comment.

That is just two occurrences within 7 days. Are there more? Yes. Instead of posting each video, here is a nice compilation of the more famous coughing fits of Hillary.

What is wrong with her? The speculation is rampant and her campaign is silent. The fits are getting worse.

She is almost 70 years old and some are speculating that she needs a break, but what does that say when her 74-year-old opponent looks to be betting younger at each outing.

This fight for president is far from over and Hillary has a long way to go just to get past Bernie, to then face the GOP candidate. If that person is Donald Trump, he could really make things rough for her. She won’t be able to get out of responding to Trump at a debate by coughing like she did in the Benghazi hearings.

This problem could be getting much worse for her and in the end, her health might be able to do what the FBI, Bernie and the entire right has been trying to do for years. #StopHillaryClinton

What do you think? Are the coughs serious?


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