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Will Fox News Have Unhappy Advertisers?

Fox News

Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has owned the pre-debate buzz by backing out of tonight’s debate.

The billionaire made the decision after Fox News issued condescending press releases attacking the candidate as being afraid to face news host and Vanity Fair cover girl Megyn Kelly.

Trump walked, deciding not to help the news outlet cash in on his appearance in the debate.

The pack leader predicts:

But Fox News has countered the accusation telling CNNMoney, “The debate is completely sold out. No rates have changed and there are no advertisers who have backed out. Prices don’t change once the orders have been placed.”

In the advertising world, that’s true. Once an insertion order has been signed by an advertiser, it’s tricky to back out.

But that doesn’t mean advertisers will accept poor performance of their ad dollars.

Another common tactic in the media world is to offer “make goods” on poor performing spots.

Fox News was anticipating at least 10 million viewers of Thursday night’s debate. With Trump missing, that number is likely to be slashed as viewers have only vague interest in the policy debates of two Cuban senators and a lackluster dynasty candidate.

Fox previously charged $200,000 for an advertising package.


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