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Why Is Biden So Optimistic?

Joe Biden is doing his best to make us all feel like things are going great, but are they?

In a recent tweet, Joe said that “After the strongest two years of job growth and new small business applications in history, I am more optimistic than ever that America’s best days are ahead.”

But should he be optimistic?

Does the job growth number really stand up when you take into the mass job losses that happened during Covid?

Does the banking industry help with the optimism?

Does the collapse of SVB help?

It appears that bank failures don’t worry Joe Biden.

What about the war raging in Ukraine and the growing relationship between Russia and China?

There must be something to be optimistic about, what about inflation?

Well, the Fed decided to raise interest rates today.

Another .25 point increase to fight inflation.

So inflation is going up and Joe is still more optimistic than ever.

Can we trust Joe and his optimism?

Maybe he is more optimistic than ever, but most in America are not.




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