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Why Does The Left Hate Brett Kavanaugh?

Kavanaugh And Grassley
Why does the Left hate Brett? He is a married, christian man with a family. Everything the Left hates most!

The left is doing everything they can to stop Brett Kavanaugh, but what is the real reason behind the madness? So many different groups and people are speaking out about Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court that there has to be a deeper reason than Kavanaugh leans right.

What is causing Yale University to cancel some classes in order to accommodate a protest by law students?

Jimmy Kimmel said that if Kavanaugh is confirmed that he could compromise and cut off his “pesky penis”. Kimmel also made fun of Kavanaugh being a virgin.

So which one is it? Is he a virgin or a sexual predator?

Why does the left hate Brett Kavanaugh so much? It isn’t that he was picked by Trump, although that doesn’t help.

The real reason why the left is so threaten by Kavanaough is because they think he will over turn Roe vs Wade and make abortions illegal.

Many people are saying it on twitter and it is the real reason why the left is so nervous.

The left is so obsessed with having the ability to kill a baby inside the womb that they are willing to pull out all the stops to keep Kavanaugh from reaching the Supreme Court. That includes possible false accusations of sexual assault against a man with an impeccable record.


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