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Where (and why) Joe Biden’s Hiding Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

Last week, Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden effectively clinched the nomination.

Then, he disappeared completely.

According to CBS News’ Bo Erickson, Biden has had only one on-camera public address since the Coronavirus crisis began. That appearance–held nearly a week ago, on Tuesday, March 17–was only 6 minutes long. He hasn’t been seen virtually or in public since.

Biden’s suspicious absence has caused social media to demand answers, with the hashtag #WheresJoe trending.

The heavy criticism of Biden’s disappearance has also resurfaced claims that the former Vice President is suffering from dementia–and, thus, his campaign is going to great lengths to hide his condition from American voters before they go to the polls in November.

So far, however, Biden is blaming the disappearance on bad technology–despite the fact that millions of Americans have been able to film themselves right from their smartphones.

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Biden has since claimed that his technology issues have been fixed.

On Sunday evening, Biden told top donors on a conference call that the situation was being resolved, saying, “They put in a new high-speed line into my home, they’ve converted a recreation room, basically, into a television studio. So beginning tomorrow, I guess tomorrow, I’m making the first presentation.”

As of 10am Monday, Biden has not yet announced a speech.