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What’s Happening At Restaurants?

Slow service, violent customers and the growing number of issues happening at American restaurants are out of hand.

Have you been to a fast food restaurant lately?

Ever since the pandemic started, lines are longer and it seems to only be getting worse.

There is a labor shortage for fast food and food and beverage employees. Serving and cooking in a restaurant is hard work, and unemployment makes it easy to take some time off.

Fast food work is hard. Plus, you have to deal with ugly customers. There also seems to be more rude and unruly patrons.

It is simple. Fewer workers and frustrated employees that show up and have to work extra hard to cover the lack of a full staff. Plus customers who are just as frustrated their their burger had a pickle on it and they didn’t get their apple pie.

It is sad to see people fight it out in McDonalds when the real frustration should be aimed at the politicians that have allowed this situation to be played out across the United States.


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