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What is Happening In San Francisco?

Walmart has traditionally been known to be open 24 hours a day, everyday. So you know things are getting bad when Walmart starts closing early.

That is what is happening now in San Francisco.

Walmart and Target are both closing early due to a sharp rise in crime. Target is closing now at 6pm according to KPIX CBS.

Tuesday, 10 thieves stormed Neiman Marcus and stole valuable handbags. In the middle of the day.

Last week we reported an over 700% increase in car break-ins, and now stores are being robbed in broad daylight.

Well, this isn’t really new. Watch this guy steal from Walgreens in San Francisco ride out on a bike with a bag of goods while security watched.

Where are the police?

In April, hundreds gathered with the activist group Defund SFPD. Do city residents still feel the same way?

The crime seems to be spiraling out of control. What happens when neighborhood vigilantes join together to start protecting their neighborhood? How safe will the streets of San Francisco be then.


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