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We’re Leaving Afghanistan, Taliban Moving In

Well, that didn’t take long. American forces are still pulling out the final troops in Afghanistan, but Taliban forces are moving in faster.

A decade and a half ago, when we went into Afghanistan, we tried to work with the government and the people.

Despite billions, we did not do a good enough job teaching or helping the Afghanis lead and defend themselves.

Our failure is evident now as we are pulling out.

We did a lot of good in Afghanistan, helped and saved a lot of people that needed help.

But we did not do a good job teaching them to take care of themselves when we leave.

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Now that we are leaving, there are at least four provincial capitols have fallen under Taliban control.

The writing is on the wall. Things are going to spiral out of control in Afghanistan again, and who will step in next? will it be China? Will they move in to neighbor Iran and Iraq?

Will Russia try again?

At this point, the real question is… will we learn our lesson from this mess or will we be back in Afghanistan before we know it?