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Watch This “Girlfriend” Stop Three Robbers In The Dead Of Night

South African Craven Coetzee has a girl he needs to keep.

Three black males broke into his home at 2 am as Craven was dead asleep in his upstairs bedroom.

His girlfriend dozed off on another level of their home and was jolted awake by the smell of the intruders.

The home invaders, wielding knives, wire and cable (presumably to tie the couple up), were halted when Craven’s girlfriend yelled, “who are you.”

One of the armed burglars lunged at the groggy woman who quickly woke up in full as she opened fire on the trio.

The entire incident was caught on camera and has gained in popularity since its posting in May of last year.

To his credit, Craven woke up with the first shot and had a firearm in his hand within a split second as he stumbled down the stairs to aid his girlfriend.

Here’s Craven’s “Q & A” of the incident:


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