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Wait… What Did The Wall Street Journal Say About The Washington Post?

Fake News
It's all journalism... it's all lies.

The Wall Street Journal published a piece that called out the Washington Post for doing what we have known for years… constantly spinning the news.

The Editorial Board at the Wall Street Journal published an article that was aimed directly at the Washington Post and their relentless attacks on the president.

In the piece titled, The Constant Spin Zone they discuss how the Washington Post reported on Trump’s trip to see the troops on Christmas. Instead of just writing up a report on the event that has become a staple for presidents, the Post put in the effort to spin the news and point out the mistakes Trump made by going.

The article on the Washington Post’s headline even seems critical of the president. “Trump visits U.S. troops in Iraq for first trip to a conflict zone

The Journal staff said the wrote about the Post’s piece because “the opening two paragraphs and accusing it of needlessly working in unrelated Trump scandals into a piece that did not call for it.

It seems that the Post does this a lot, and takes every opportunity to criticize or bask president Trump. Here are a couple other critical pieces on Trump’s Christmas visit to the troops.

It is nice to see the Wall Street Journal call out one of their own, but this kind of Trump bashing has been going on for a while. It will take a lot more than one editorial piece to stop it, but it is a good start.

What do you think about the Journal pointing out the Post’s efforts to spin the news?

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