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Voters Still Wouldn’t Pick Hillary Clinton In A Do-Over

Hillary Clinton
No 'Buyer's Remorse" here... MAGA!

Hillary Clinton lost the presidency in 2016… and, two years later, voters still think they made the right choice.

According to a new poll from Rasmussen Reports, only 40% of U.S. voters believe that the country would be better off if Hillary Clinton had been elected President.

47% of Americans disagree–thinking that the nation is better off under the leadership of President Donald Trump.

Surprisingly, just 74% of Democrats think that the nation would be better off under Clinton–meaning that more than 1 in 4 Democrats either prefer Trump or think Clinton’s presidency would be equally good or bad.

The lack of support for Clinton even in her own party underscores the split among Democrats–into the so-called “Bernie Sanders wing” of the party, and the more moderate establishment side of the party.

Trump’s strong numbers are backed up by his approval rating, which are some of the highest showings of his entire presidency.

Further, 42% of voters believe that, under Trump, the nation is headed in the right direction–a substantially larger number than Barack Obama saw during much of his presidency.


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