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Video: Two Fights In Four Nights Break Out At Trump’s Hollywood Star

Hollywood Star
Not this AGAIN!!!

Last week a man took a pickaxe to Donald Trump’s star and now pro-Trump individuals are taking upon themselves to protect the new star that is replacing the one that was destroyed.

Here is the video that outlines all the attacks on Trump’s star.

Some fans of Trump are tired of seeing the star disrespected and have started guarding the site. Of course, crowds of anti-Trump people have flocked to the same site to show their hatred toward the president.

Pro-Trump and anti-Trump crowds clash over Trump’s star on Hollywood Blvd and it was caught on video on Thursday night.

Watch as Trump haters yelling, “f*ck Trump” get into a brawl with a few people trying to protect the president’s star.

The pro-Trump marine in the video stands up for himself after he gets punched and all hell breaks loose.

Sunday night it all happened again. For the second time in a few nights, a bad brawl broke out. The most recent fight happened while the local CBS affiliate was on the site and filmed it all.

Trump’s star has become a flashpoint for violence and despite the police arresting one of the combatants and a strong presence at the site, it doesn’t look like these kind of brawls are going to end anytime soon.

As long as there are people trying to disrespect the president and destroy his star, there will be people like Marine in the second video standing up to the protestors.

What do you think? Do you expect to see more brawls over the star? Let us know in the comments below.


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